84 Dials (2021)

Glance from the Edge (2021)
July 8, 2021

84 is the required number of calls to successfully close a deal in the corporate sales world.

Choreography and performance by Stephanie Handjiiska § Kosta Karakashyan
Dramaturgy by Yasen Vassilev
Costumes and lighting Ralitsa Toneva
Production of costumes Studio Vision Art
Music by Georgi Atanasov
With the special participation of Preya
Graphic design by Georgi Despodov
Photos Nikola Guylmezov
Produced by Man with a Hat Foundation § Studio Karakashyan
Photo for the poster by Yana Lozeva for Boyscout Magazine
Year 2021

The project is realised with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the partnership of DNA - a space for contemporary dance and performance.
In their new performance, Stephanie Handjiiska and Kosta Karakashyan ask awkward questions about the connection between the market and dance work; for the body of the dancer who simultaneously performs the dance work and sells it; about working and living conditions, about success and fatigue in the era of late capitalism.
Each ticket to "84 Conversations" is an investment that pays off in the form of dance fantasies, personal stories, telephone dancing, sex appeal, and a survival guide to capitalism.

84 DIALS first time.
84 DIALS second time.
84 DIALS third time.


84 DIALS is performed at DNK - space for contemporary dance and performance in Sofia, Bulgaria.