CHISEL (2021)

Ion (a play on adoption) (2017)
July 13, 2021
July 8, 2021

CHISEL is a short poetic-documentary film that deals with the topic of learning, patience and perseverance in the process of growing and shaping character. The film was shot at the Stone School in the village of Kunino and the stone quarry near it.

Director: Silvia Cherneva
Director of Photography: Silvia Cherneva, Jordan Mihajlovski, Pavel Bozhilov
Music: Toni Hadjiivanov
Editing: Silvia Cherneva, Jordan Mihajlovski
From the school: Valeriy Ganchev, Zvezdelin, Yana Orlinova, Dimitar Chemberski, Boryana Georgieva-Gancheva, Kaloyan
From the quarry: Svetozar Krastev, Plamen, Toni
Special Thanks To: Radoy Radoychovski, Pavlina Dimchovska, Margarita Korcheva, Tsvetomir Hristov, Krassimir, Radi, The team and students of the Vocational School of Stone Processing, Kunino and the team of Decor Sofia.
Produced by: Man with a Hat Foundation
Year 2021